To Use or Not To Use Brazilian Blowout


If you haven’t heard, in September 2010 the Oregon Occupational Safety Health Administration (OR-OSHA) tested Brazilian Blowout and found it to contain excessive levels of Formaldehyde, known to be a carcinogen. Since one death was suspected (not proven) and many hairdresser complained of eye, skin irritations, nose bleeds and breathing difficulty, OSHA was taking these complaints seriously in finding formaldehyde levels in excess of 10%. Formaldehyde is only permitted in cosmetics at concentrations less than 0.2%.

Subsequently, Brazilian Blowout of California stated their product is formaldehyde-free, 100% safe, and contain no harsh chemicals. They claimed the OSHA tests were flawed and not valid. Now maybe their tests were flawed, but after numerous confirmations from independent scientists, Heath Canada (responsible for Canada’s heath policies) and the Federal Occupational Health Agency, testing concluded that their product had at least an 8% containment of formaldehyde. Additional testing by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) found carcinogen ingredients in hair straightening products such as Brazilian Blowout.

What makes Brazilian Blowout argument seem flimsy is that they refuse to release their product ingredient list and instead have released their Product Safety Data Sheet (PSDS). This PSDS is basically safety precautions and doesn’t list one product ingredient. Since it is pretty standard for hair products to release their ingredient list, relying on a “privileged and confidential company information” excuse seems more to be avoiding legality than anything else. To top that, Brazilian Blowout now has a Brazilian Blowout Zero which claims to be a plant-derivative based product with no formaldehyde. I give them credit for listing this product’s ingredients on the web page (Original BB still does not list ingredients), but what was wrong with the original 100% safe, and no harsh chemical version?

You be the judge for what you think is safe and trustworthy and I’ll continue to stay on the lookout for the most organic, natural and trusted brands in hair treatments and hair straightening.
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Still Using Off-the-Shelf Beauty Products?

For one who hasn’t made the switch to true natural/organic hair and facial products, ET, Oprah, or The View aren’t going to be ranting about the ill effects of toxic chemical laced beauty products anytime soon. OK, for sanity sake, let’s say the beauty product manufacturers and their scientific hired guns speak some truth to their claims that the amounts of chemicals applied to your scalp and skin are so minuet, that they have no detrimental effects to your overall health. These are same guys and gals who were tight-lipped about tobacco, asbestos, dioxins, formaldehyde, acrylamides and artificial sweeteners to name a few. Their credibility combined with the EPA’s inability to test approximately 80 percent of all high production volume chemicals plus some of the testing results (showing tumors, cancers and rashes in rats and mice) do not give one peace of mind. I don’t know about you, but not feeling the warm and fuzzy here.

YouTube Preview Image

Above video offers good chemical for thought info, even with the MLM Xango product at the end.

Our bodies consist of approximately two-million pores with sweat glands. These pores are concentrated in the scalp and facial areas. Though the jury is still out on levels of skin absorption and if chemicals leaked into the bloodstream cause any immediate or long-term effects, one has to question their trust and confidence in the industries “it’s all good” mantra.

Since the average woman uses about twelve personal products a day (approx. 515 chemicals) and men about six a day, we are constantly exposing ourselves to a barrage of these chemicals, not to mention, our family’s level of exposure. The reason our chemically laced beauty products are not seen as a blatant “Oh my God” issue, is because this has to do with long-term effects on our immune system. We are dealing with an exposure to numerous toxic chemical every day. With this breakdown of our defense mechanisms, we become susceptible to the most common of aliments and diseases because of the state of our heath and our body’s imbalanced energy. This is not to say that our environment, genetics, and other habits such as poor diet, lack of sleep and exercise, state of mind and negative thoughts don’t contribute to a weak immune system, it just shows that personal toxic beauty products add to the problem.

First hand as a stylist and colorist, I experienced negative effects from toxic color dyes, hair sprays and shampoos. My symptoms were rashes, low energy and difficulty breathing which made me a true believer. Praise the organic!


Labels Beware!

OK, this video isn’t prefect, but it does stimulate thought.  I’ve heard and seen the critiques that make some valid points in not having  enough back-up support or that the video is scaring the public. That said, I think the critics miss the point.

Personal care products are not subject to FDA pre-market approval authority the way food and drugs are scrutinized. Additionally, the self-regulating body CIR (Cosmetic Ingredient Review) does not have a great record where they’ve reviewed only approximately 11% of personal care products over a thirty year period. Bottom line is if you have complete faith in the FDA and CIR looking out for your personal care product safety and health, good luck with that. But if your willing to take some of your own responsibility, do a little research, read labels, and use natural/organic ingredient products, you’ll have a better chance of avoiding the next carcinogen ingredient laced product announced on the six o’clock news.

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